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 I create abstract digital art that more often than not,

begins life as a high resolution photograph/photographs.

With extreme digital manipulation, each piece takes on its own persona.

The original photo is gone, and in its place is something totally unique.

That is the fun of the entire process. You just never know what will emerge.

I am a self taught digital artist and I love the abstract art form.

In my college years I studied architecture and music, an early source for appreciation of the arts.

My professional background includes construction, cabinet making and stone carving.

Using each period of my life as a stepping stone to the next,

I have drawn the experience necessary to arrive at the current plateau.

I have discovered my real passion in life --- making visual art and

sharing it with the people in the world around me.

I love spending time with my wife of almost 40 years and our 4 great dogs.

  In our downtime, we like to hang out in front of the fireplace or stream movies.

I just recently semi-retired to be able to concentrate my efforts

more on my art, which makes me very happy!

email: greg@grbrownart.com

Phone: 214-926-0283

Irving, Texas

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